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Spring anime season - Code Geass R2.

Code Geass R2 (episode 1)
First of all, I love the new opening. Except for Lelouch riding a horse - that was cheesy and the horse was poorly drawn. But I like the song and Orange-kun being alive made my day. Also, a bunch of new characters, including the knights and a chinese loli.
The first part of the episode was fun, too bad Lulu got his memory back, he won't be this carefree anymore. Villetta's awesome, but wtf is with her being paired up with Ogi in the opening? I want her with Orange!
Rollo didn't really impress me.
It's hard to say anything about the other new characters, but I like Li's constant "I hate you" face, and the way Zino and Anya stood before the Emperor without showing any sort of fear, trembling or awe such a majestic figure should inspire. Kids these days.

New costumes. Anya's pilot suit and "normal" clothes kill me.

Zino, on the other hand, has an awesome pilot suit.
And it seems that he stole Suzaku's coat from season one, but had to cut the sleeves off, because they were too short for him.

And if Zino stole Suzaku's clothes, then Lelouch must have taken Mao's:

Everything else can be found here
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